Driveway Repairs

If you require any kind of minor driveway repairs, you have found the right company. Outlook Cleaning has a background in the laying and installation of Block Paving, Imprinted Concrete, Tarmac / Asphalt and others. Our wide-ranging experience enables us to competitively quote and provide expert advice on a comprehensive range of problems commonly experienced on drives.

When it comes to driveway repairs for block paving, the majority of the calls we receive are from customers with sunken areas in their drive or with edging stones breaking away. If ‘dips’ or sunken areas is your problem, we will remedy this by ‘lifting’ the affected area and repairing the sub-base. After this, the pavers will be re-laid on a bed of sand and consolidated.

For areas with edging stones breaking away again, they will be removed, any faulty base work will be replaced and the edging stones will then be firmly concreted back into position. Generally, most block paving repairs can be completed within a couple of days and all our driveway repair work is guaranteed.

Repairs on Tarmac, Asphalt and Imprinted Concrete

Over the years we have also carried out repairs and restoration of virtually all the materials used to lay driveways. Other regular calls we receive are regarding tarmac and imprinted Concrete.

When it comes to tarmac repairs, we offer several services from pothole repairs to repairing cracks and relaying broken edges. Once the tarmac has been repaired we would recommend applying a protective tarmac coating. This not only will give the tarmac a uniform appearance and reduce future deterioration.

With imprinted concrete or other concrete based driveways, most of the problems stem from cracking or loss of colour. These and associated problems are areas that Outlook specialise in. When it comes to repairing imprinted concrete we can do virtually anything required. That includes re-colouring, sealing and replacing mastic joints. When we have completed the work required, the majority of Imprinted concrete driveways are left looking as good as new.